Frameshift, 2018

The installation "Frameshift" is a fragmentation of a portrait from Potteau's series that has been cut into 18 equal strips, which are sequentially presented on pedestals. As some of these strips are shifted and exchanged to different positions, the portrait can thus no longer be perceived in its original form but must first be reassembled by the viewer. Due to this shift, but also through the fragmentation, it comes to a focus on individual parts (sections) which are thus increasingly perceived. In Genetics a frameshift is a phenomenon that emerges when single nucleotides are cut out from the DNA. As a result, the sequence of the DNA changes so that it is read/translated differently and thus results in a different biological product. The artistic intervention of cutting and interchanging photographic material originating from anthropology, a discipline based on biological sciences, draws parallels to genetic interventions in the body (for the purpose of optimization) as currently described in connection with the so-called CRISPR /Cas9).

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Frameshift, 2018

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